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Get a Masterlock adjustable hitch ball so that the trailer rides dead level (or barest forward). Lug nut torque, tire pressure and brake fluid need to be checked at UHaul. It's usually NOT right. Good trailer choice. My 24-mpg one ton still did 18-19 with this trailer (same route covered many times; same speed, etc).

I'd go with plywood over bed. How to fasten it down is the trick. Needs to be strong.

On the road, plan your stops in advance of the day's drive. About two hours apart (and combine meal with fuel stop). The farther past 350-miles per day you run, the more tired you'll be. I recommend starts of around 0430 to get the most miles out of the way. I'm usually up by 0300 to accomplish this (truck driver). Th more fire one is, the faster the deterioration of fine motor skills. And the the prevalence of white line fever.

In main, no lane changes. Constant use of cruise control. The gravest distance maintained from other vehicles. Slow to let others pass more quickly, etc. plan ahead by watching mirrors. What is behind me is my future.
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