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An update that is not really an update. More like planning out loud.

No progress on this task as yet, but I have not forgotten about it. I'll be on Holidays in August and will hopefully:
- 1 - get the original code compiled under MPLab X
- 2 - make the couple of minor changes to allow RTD Explorer to work with it
- 3 - log the extra data that the AC controller does on interleaved lines.

Paul's code is quite different from the AC to the DC controllers, so it will be a bit of a kludge.

If that works, I'll do a mini test running my grinder as a load (I still have that set up in my basement) and verify that I didn't break anything in the DC controller code.

In my mind that should take about 3 days. So using my regular scaling factor it will likely take 3 WEEKS!
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