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Thanks to everyone who has taken the time time to fill it out.

Sorry it does take a while, I think the average time is about 22 minutes, but it depends on how many strategy and techniques you are able to recall, the more of a hyper-miler you are I guess the longer it will take! And I will cross reference fuel economy with country so if you are in the US i assume US gallon and US litre/ liter.

I get what you mean by the lack of a NA option in the questionnaire, unfortunately what you tend to see if you use that in a questionnaire is people just tick that and don't think too much about the question.

Most of the issues I'm hearing are related to questions at the end, these are from a standardised questionnaire which has been used to measure environmental concern and behavioural motivations. This feedback is really useful for me to suggest that it may not be the definitive scale some researchers say it is.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to do it. I am really interested in how expert hyper-milers differ in their driving behaviour to the average driver, so you are all really valuable participants for me and I really appreciate your time.
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