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I did some testing last week, on my local 2 way test road, I did testing at 40-55mph. Same tyre pressures as last time, and same brand of fuel.

The results show a calculated gain of 0.5mpg in the testing, however, it was gusty today so that may have showed less gains then there would be in better weather conditions.

However, I did a 30 mile run on a familiar road cruising at 65mph, and with the occasional moment at 70-ish mph to overtake quickly. The result was 40mpg UK, 33mpg US, which means I reached my goal on that day. There was wind around though so I'll reserve judgement, however the wind direction was across me, so not a tail or headwind.

So the initial results at high speeds look good, I would expect to get 31-32mpg US normally in those conditions, so it's possible I've gained 1.5-2mpg at highway speeds with the partial grill blocks and achieved my goal of 40mpg UK.

There is less wind noise at the front so I think drag is reduced to some degree.

I will see what happens next time I go on a run to see if the mpg contiues to be a couple higher than normal.
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