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Thanks for the ideas.

Here's a question for you. At what speed does aerodynamics really start making a difference on a motorcycle?

This particular motorcycle spends the bulk of it's time at 35-45 MPH with occasional short runs up to 50+ to flow with traffic on the faster roads.

For the way this bike is used and the speeds it runs it may be impractical to add much in the way of aerodynamic improvement without sacrificing utility and ease of use. The only alternative there is going to a full blown Vetter-style streamliner that would both allow easy access as well as carrying capacity.

I haven't ruled out building such a bike. I have lots of raw material in the form of other step throughs in the barn and Lifan motors are dirt cheap. It would be great to have a bike for the open road that would maintain real world highways speeds with only a 125cc motor. I'm just not sure I want to ride it in everyday in-town traffic.
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