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Thanks, well it's nice to get a genuine welcome and friendly comments.

Yes the car does have a lot of appeal for the money, I think the convertible style has aged very well. I paid about $5000 for it, have spent a few thousand making it almost perfect though, the previous owner had skimped a bit. I think the later models have lost a bit of the sweet looks.

It's not a low maintenance car but it's very easy to work on, and none of the common issues on the 330 are very expensive to fix, a couple of hundred max. (except rust, which mine doesn't have).

Since I tweaked the toe setting, it turns in a lot keener too (reduced the toe in on the rear to just a touch, and made the front neutral toe).

I like the look of the Metro, it reminds me of a Suzuki Forsa I once owned, bouoght as a cheap runaround, a proper pocket rocket. It has a 3 cyl turbo engine and felt very rapid, probably about 110bhp but weighed nothing, and always did 35mpg+ whatever I did to it - I was 17 so usually drove slightly enthusiastically. It was a LHD canadian import, the UK spec. for the same car was non turbo and called the Suzuki Swift. A nice link to big up the little Forsa:

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