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Nice car.

SWMBO has a similar car, a 2003 325 soft top which she bought new. It has now done 330 000 km. She doesn't hypermile and we don't keep fuel logs for the car but the fuel consumption display seemed quite accurate when I checked it and it is rarely re-set. It shows 8.0 litres per 100 km (say 29 MPG US or 35 MPG UK). On occasions I have tried to do better but my limit seems to be about 7 litres per 100 km (33 MPG US, 50 UK) and that is quite difficult to maintain for a full tank.

I haven't done anything to the car to improve economy. Perhaps I should follow your lead and do a grill block. The car is not used much these days though so any savings would be small.

How often to you use the soft top? My wife says the threshold is 13 Celsius ambient temperature. Above that she wants the top down. Below that, the top is up. For winter use she has a hard top which is just like driving a "normal" car. It is a 2-man job to put on or remove so it goes on at the start of winter and stays on till spring. Basically the hard top goes on and comes off with the winter tyres, give or take a little.
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