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Originally Posted by ThatDudeOrion View Post
One of my biggest wins has been running a laptop with the tuning software $EEHack, I can make fueling changes in real time and approximate a lean cruise which the stock LT1 pcm can't do. You may want to look into this if you haven't already.
That seems like a neat program--I'll have to tinker with it when I have some more time. Thanks for the tip. The best part is that it's free!

Originally Posted by ThatDudeOrion View Post
Also, I've deleted all the stuff from the accessory drive except the alternator, and instead of a mile of serpentine belts and idler pullies, I cobbled together an inexpensive alternator only low position mount that I'd be happy to share with you if interested, overall cost was less than half what the pre-fab alternator relocation kits go for.
I would be very interested to know more about your low mount alternator setup.

Originally Posted by ThatDudeOrion View Post
And can I ask you for more specific's on how you wired in the kill switch? I don't EOC much, but when I do, I just put it in neutral and turn the key off. Is this bad? In what way is the kill switch better?
Basically, my kill switch interrupts the power supply to the sensors in the distributor. When you interrupt the power, the sensors stop sending information to the ECU, so the ECU thinks the engine is turning 0 RPM and immediately cuts both spark and fuel.

I wired up a normally closed relay in line with that power supply. The wire you want to interrupt is the one going to pin B14 in the ECU--it's a red wire. I then ran a switch into the cabin (and mounted it on the shifter) that when depressed grounds the relay and opens the circuit.

If you have more questions about how I wired it, just let me know.

The kill switch lets you turn off the car without having to take your hand off the shifter. It also gives you better data, since the MPG gauge (and other electronics) stay on the whole time. A quick bump on the clutch (if you're moving) gets everything going again.

I've driven several people in my cars who had no idea that I was EOC-ing until I told them.

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