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I run 87 octane (US) E10 Regular primarily and have run some 91 octane E10 Premium tanks. Differences were negligible.

I've run two tanks of 87 octane E0. The slight bump in MPGs wasn't worth the added cost.

I'd like to roll the dice on a couple of tanks of E15 and E30 to see what happens, but I need to do a bit more research first.

My HX lacks cruise control, so highway tests are (more) prone to fluctuation.

Originally Posted by zeroyon223 View Post
Bumping this thread, what octane fuel are you guys running in these? I'm using 95ron (I think what you guys stateside call 91), anyone used a lesser or greater octane? Was the economy difference negligible? Could running in lean burn afr be dangerous on 91ron?
And on the EGR setup, was it full of carbon at higher milages? Any gain on blocking it off? Does the US car have a single wire o2 sensor?
Mine is the japanese import EK hatch with D15B '3 stage vtec' and 1st gen cvt. It runs at bang on 2500rpm at 100km/h, seems to work best at around 90-95km/h with the gearbox in E mode (buttons on steering wheel).
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