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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Just sold the Prius, and look at the unicorn that popped up in my email alerts!
I've owned (2) Geo Metro w/1.0L 5 speeds over the years.

I was able to squeeze middle 50s MPGs out of them on a consistent basis. That was driving like an old lady and with little traffic.

My opinion of teeny-tiny Economods all changed the day I decided to drive one of my Metros through morning rush hour traffic (Dayton, Ohio).

I got caught in between 3 semis.... 1 in front, 1 behind me and one to me leftside of me as I traveled in the far right lane.

I was literally boxed in with virtually NO protection around me. NO power to floor it out of there to escape. NONE. Boxed in. TRAPPED.

That was the last day I ever risked driving an teeny-tiny econobox in heavy rush hour traffic.

Need to consider to the state of people's mental health status, distraction status etc... as well these days. I don't know how it is where you live, but driver's around here are much angrier, hostile, rude and just down right mean !

What is YOUR life worth ?

If I ever get another econobox, it will be used around town and NEVER out on the highways. EVER !
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