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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Maybe she just couldn't articulate why it bothers her?

I think I could guess: an engine that stops running unexpectedly? That's a BAD THING (TM) -- I can see that putting fear into a person who doesn't understand the feature or is generally nervous about their safety.

In a lifetime of driving conventional vehicles, an engine that stops running unexpectedly indicates the beginning of a stressful, possibly dangerous and probably expensive situation. It may be hard to overcome that.

Another source of unease: you want to scoot across the intersection but the engine is currently off? That's another BAD THING (TM).
I was on a date once and my (hybrid) engine shut off. She turned to me.

"Did your car just die?"

So there's that.

The A/C issue is legitimate, but the whole point of such systems is that they can kick back in fast. Of course, if just ONE person dies in an accident because of it everyone will freak out... Even though people die in accidents for myriad other reasons all the time.
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