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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
A running Cummins engine costs several thousand dollars.
If you keep your eyes open, you can find a decent runner for around 1500-2000. The adapter plate will be 1200-1700 new, but again, keeping your eyes open you'll find used ones in the 500 range.

I've done a 4bt swap on my Ramcharger, but to do it again, the 6bt is cheaper and easier. The MPG difference is only a couple MPG between the 6 and 4 as well... plus the 6 is much smoother.

Another option you may consider is trading for a 1/2 ton with a tandem axle trailer.

I have a 1 ton wood truck (chevy) that used to have a 454 in it, but prior to my owning it, had a 350 swapped in. I get 16-17 unloaded and around 13 hauling a tractor or full load of wood but it is as slow as pond water. That doesn't bother me though.

It'd be a bit of work, but one of Ford's best truck engines (IMHO) is the 352. I've had it in two different trucks in the past. A 66 1/2 ton got 20 MPG all day long loaded or unloaded. Also had one in a 73 1 ton dump truck and it got about 13 but it was geared very low and carried around a dump bed all the time.
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