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Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Has anyone added start stop to a vehicle? I would love to have this on my Golf manual.
I have and it helped me increase my local mileage by almost 20% due to overly aggressive stop sign and traffic light placement.

I added a push button to the floor-mounted shift lever. The PB picks up a standard Bosch relay that is wired through its NC contacts, in series with the power feed to the ignition coil.

Pressing the pushbutton thus picks up the relay, which in turn removes power to the ignition coil leaving all other vehicle circuits energized.

To use, move to neutral and kill the motor. I usually kill the motor way in advance to coast the vehicle along to the stop sign / traffic light. At the last possible moment, when there is still a tiny bit of roll, I shift into second and use that last bit of vehicle motion to restart the engine - its a gentle popping of the clutch.

With practice this becomes an incredibly smooth move with no shock to the driveline. It saves wear and tear on the conventional starter.

The only time I use the conventional starter to restart the engine is if the wait is going to be very long.

The nice thing is that you can stop / start when driving as well. Any time the vehicle can coast, the motor can be shut down, and with a manual transmission restarts occur without drama.

I guess this combination in my use case is responsible for the very good results I achieved.

Adding a circuit like this is really a no-brainer since it affects nothing of the vehicles normal configuration or operation and if the relay fails, the motor still runs because it employs the NC (normally closed) contacts.
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