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Cylinder deactivation should work. I would not worry too much about heat balance. Cannot be worse then starting a cold engine! The coolant and heat transfer should keep the unused cylinders from getting cold.

I am mostly theorizing here....

U stated two Oxygen sensors....Either one per bank or one before and after catalytic converter. U could fool the computer by simply supplying a 0.50 Volt sources instead of the sensors. Better yet, take a measurement before "throwing the switch" and duplicate the voltage.

U mentioned changing the injection resistors... DO NOT DO THIS. That model year PROBABLY uses batch injection. The cylinders are divided into odd/even. Simply cut off the supply voltage to one batch with a simple off/on switch.

If U R using a MPG gauge, and notice a worthwhile improvement.... U can build a simple circuit that alternates deactivation between the Even/Odds automatically, every minute or so. Your temperature sensor may favor one batch over another depending on its installation location.

GM claimed 10~15% improvement with a true system. On the Fiero Forum, 23MPG Vs. 28 with DOD, which was renamed Active Fuel Management.

Good luck, keep us posted on your results.
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