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Yeah it's moot. But 460's are so torque focused, that anything over 3,500rpm is kinda irrelevant.

I still think an ecu from an egr equipped model (and the egr system) would be a nice way to improve cruising mpg. A lot of fords before 1997ish had lean-on-cruise or "mpg" which work very well with tons of egr flow and a 17:1+ AFR. Very dirty, but smooth and efficient. Plus, ford's with kidney shaped heads always seem to not lose mpg with load. That's why crown vic's get good mpg for some reason, or why 460 owners claim to not lose mpg with a trailer, or why old escorts get 28 mpg at 90 mph.

Not to mention that ford had a habit of making their cars (up to 1997) run "inappropriately lean" while accelerating faster than 3.3mph/sec or going over 58 mph

I don't even know what I'm ranting for..... Oh yeah, old Ford's rule!
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