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Originally Posted by zeroyon223 View Post
Hey man, that's pretty good mileage for mixed driving! How many rpm does yours do at 100?
I just cleaned out the EGR passages and ports on the inlet manifold today, they were completely blocked! Apparently this can yield more mpg. I drive from Rotorua to Hamilton every day in it, and if you know that road, it's not exactly flat lol. I'm yet to try a long run on a nice flat road, I've only had the car for a bit over a month, brought it specifically for high mpg on a budget. Cold weather seems to have an effect on mpg and I'm still learning what works driving wise and using the transmission the best way.
Do you think any different brands of fuel here give any better mpg than the others?
I'd like to get to 4.5l/100km too!
Yes I've heard cleaning the egr sys helps too. The winter doesn't help that's forsure. Mine does an indicated 2550 at an indicated 100kmh, Not sure on error though. Ive found I can still get good economy in stop go city traffic especially motorway jams if I time things carefully I've not overly tested it I just work off my fill averages. I did get some data from my 318ti,I used for dial a driver, which had a trip computer that could display live readout.

You live in Rotorua, yeah I know that road pretty well, I'm unsure about hills I find most times I can regain the lost mpg on the downside a bit like pulse and glide driving but there's hills then there's hills I suppose.

You've still got a lot of little mods you can make I'd love to see you get 60 mpg with a cvt, which I've heard are unreliable but then the reasons for that I don't know it may just be people not putting the right oil in there lack of servicing etc. You can lower it, grille block, pump up the tyres more, remove ac and ps belt which isn't for everyone.

I know that you have the d15b 3 stage lean also known as d15z7, I've not had good experience with that motor or infact the famed z1 vx civic engine my experience is limited though and I'd give them another chance, I love the d15b vtec obd1 I've had a lot of experience with them.

I've not played with fuel grades, I've just stuck with 91.

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