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My parents have a non-hybrid Malibu, a 2015 I think, with stop start like that. The AC doesn't actually turn off, just lowers how much it is blowing. (You do have to have the AC selector so that the green light is on instead of the orange one.) Here in Utah in the summer it usually doesn't get uncomfortable before the light changes again. We have been having 90s degrees F weather mainly.

My mom doesn't actually believe the car is turning off, but oh well... As some have already noted, it starts up again really fast, as soon as you let off the brake at a light.

Car also has a skirt on the front. On a recent trip going mainly 70 or 75 MPH up and down a lot of hills IIRC it was getting about 37 - 40 MPG per the built-in average MPG readout.

Me personally I love the stop start feature and am happy to finally see it on an American car.

I work at a car auction and one time a coworker was delivering a purchased vehicle to a dealership... one of these stop start Malibus. He was in a traffic jam on the freeway and when it did the auto stop the first time, he thought he was in a dead car in a traffic jam... and heaved a sigh of relief once it started back up! XD
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