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Before I forget, here is a picture showing the front end of the truck.

As you can see, it won't win any low Cd contests. I probably won't be doing any mods here, as the current setup makes a huge difference in off-road capability. I might consider doing some sort of removable air dam (maybe made out of some sfiff rubber) that hooks over the bumper. And I will probably get rid of the round lights or swap them out with a light bar.

Anyways... Today was spent behind a table saw converting 2x6 (1.75"x5.75" actual) rough cut cedar into 3/4"x1/4" strips. This is basically the least expensive option I could find for getting the strips. You can order them online for about $5 a piece, but that gets real expensive when you need like 120 of them. You can get about 30 strips out of an $11 2x6 from Lowes. I ended up getting 6 boards so I would have extra figuring for waste. I will probably end up with a bunch left over though as the boards were surprisingly clean and knot free.

I started by ripping the boards into 1/4" strips:

Then I ripped those in half to get the roughly 3/4" wide strips:

I also started throwing together a makeshift router table for the bead and cove cuts:

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