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Originally Posted by gumby79 View Post
Went from~18.xx(290pmi) to 23.xxmpg(10,000mi) 60-65 with an average of 22.5. (1000usg 22,500mi) this 22.5 includes the 2900mi naked. Have had 5-6 100mi runs over Continental Divide @ 28. and 1 @28.95mpg @cruise set to 55mph. As compaired to 23.01 best naked. Plans are in motion to smoke test me and Aeroheads caps at DARCO in Ogden Ut sept9,16 I will be posting on that later. As well as a baby template. Im about 3000 mi behind on my fuellog right now.
Looks good so far . I will suggest a Kam back on tbe trailing edge .be tiped in 12.5 tord the center (down ontop 'in on both sides) of the last bow probably 6-8" in length . Make the edge a single smooth raidi ...sounds like you have some plains in this direction. With the rain over hang. .
To address the mishap on the cab just add a Corection pice with some Dalles or Woodruff keys.the 2nd bow may need some persuasion as well ,buyt might get lucky and only 1 . Or roll with it the small step will cost a small % reduction in mpg gain
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Damn! That is a lot. Was that just from the cap or were there other contributing factors as well?

I appreciate the the suggestions. Feature creep is a dangerous thing so I think I'll probably just stick with what I have planned. It won't be ideal, but I will get it done way faster this way. Then after I test this one and find all of the flaws, I can re-evaluate the design and make a new one implementing some of the ideas flowing in. I am really curious what data you get from your upcoming wind tunnel test.

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