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Originally Posted by aardvarcus View Post
Looking good!

As for the shell, you could probably add a flexible air dam on the front of your truck under the steel bumper and get some of your front end aerodynamics back. I put a conveyor belt air dam on the front end of my 2005 Tacoma, which I use offroad quite a bit, and haven't had an issue. If you hit something, it just pops right back into place. Here is a link to my build thread in case you hadn't seen it.

Looking at your bumper, If you didn't want to commit to a air dam all the way across, you could do two smaller conveyor belt tire spats mounted to your steel bumper to push the air around your tires, which would also help diminish tire noise and front/rear lift at highway speeds.
Thanks. I like that idea of a flexible air dam, maybe easily removable as well since most off-roading occurs at speeds where aerodynamics is not a concern. Depending on how well the aeroshell works out and depending of if I get itch for more aeromods, I may just rebuild the front bumper with aero in mind.

I like your Tacoma. It looks like you provided lots of good information. I'll have to spend some time reading through your posts.
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