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95 Civic VX Engine Cooling Issue

I have a 95 VX with 270k miles that is 99% stock. The engine was replaced with a JDM 20k miles ago and I have been running the 49 state (I am in CA so I had the lower efficiency ECU) VX ECU with the five wire O2 for the last 150k miles.

The car is used for road trips and can run hot while climbing mountains and driving across the desert in the summer. Think 110F with the AC on at 70 mph in some cases. It also runs hot on mountain switchback roads at 35 mph.

I have upgraded to a Mishimoto triple core radiator, high pressure Koyorad cap, and a Mishimoto 1,100 CFM puller fan with aluminum shroud. The thermostat, water pump, and radiator hoses were recently replaced with new Honda OEM parts. Redline Water Wetter was added to the coolant. I have tried both 87 and 91 octane fuel and the problem does not change.

The engine and AC both function well. The AC condenser is stock. The engine does not have a warped cylinder head and engine ignition timing is correct. The stock VX grill block was also removed. Both the AC and radiator fans come on correctly.

Right now on a hot day, the temp will start to rise when going uphill with the AC on. If I turn off the AC then it will drop back down to about 45% location on the temp gauge and stay there. It used to run even hotter with the stock radiator and fan, but the situation is still not satisfactory.

Anyone have ideas on how to resolve the engine cooling issue? I was thinking of adding a pusher electric fan on the front of the radiator. I am completely open to suggestions. Thanks!

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