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I got the first part of the under tray done! It's corollas that extends to just behind the front wheels. I'm gonna leave it as is and have it be my baseline to work from for FE improvement measuring, need time to use the tank I'm topping off tomorrow. Is it bad that I'm excited to get measurements? I never thought I'd be this excited about FE...

I think I've decided on an ultra gauge for monitoring. Anyone have experiences that decided why you use what you use? If so, mind sharing?

Future mods that are for sure gonna happen: extend the under tray to full length, make the rear bumper not a parachute, move side mirrors inside, and smooth wheel covers (how does one attach pizza pans securely?).

Mods that I'm considering: alternator delete, custom front bumper (Bondo?), and Power steering disable (too much work to remove it for the little weight it'd shave off). Any others I should consider?

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