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Unfortunately, they are mostly old pdf's that do no belong to me. Google works like escort enleanment EPA reprimanded or inappropriate enleanment. You will find some hits. The real trouble started around 91-93, when ethyl and the EPA were going back and forth over the additive DDT, and boy did the escort's do some suspicious stuff when independent researchers were taking sniffer tests! All fords for that matter.

Here's some

There's a lot on this subject, but like I said, most are pdf's, but are all on google.
Enleanment is the best keyword.

I experimented with egr mods, and changing my can timing etc, all on a stock ecu. Had lost of interesting results not really worth piecing together. Mostly got either exceptional or terrible mpg. And check engine lights.

The best conclusion I had, was that my 1.9 escort is A-ok with 10+% ethanol. I actually set my mpg record with a bone stock escort (no power steering+44psi tires) and I ran approximately 18-22% ethanol. Blended 87 octane with 10% ethanol+e85. Hardly any side effects, made it faster too. Sorry for being so vague, it was a year ago when I was spending hours a day, and my conclusion was to recommend a custom ecu.
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