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Originally Posted by The donkey CRX View Post
I agree, I think this rad by-pass would help you keep your water temp in a more efficient range in winter. You may even get better heat ups if you insulate the by-pass hose since water is constantly circulating thru the hose.

I got the 3 inch "throw" push pull cable and mounting hardware from JEGS. They have many lengths needed for our custom applications. The cable was about $50 and each of the mounting hardware for each end is $10 each.

All the other items I got from E-Bay.

The 1 inch stainless T valve is the most specific item needed. The ball inside this valve must have 3 holes in it which forms a T pattern thru the ball. Some other valves only have 2 holes which form an "L" pattern in the ball and will not work in this application. It cost about $50 and came from China.

All the other items are more commonly available:

One brass 1" T fitting
Threaded 1" brass Hose barbs for the valve and T to accept 1" radiator hose.
The radiator hose is the standard Honda 1992 VX bottom rad hose shortened about 4 inches.

All the mounting hardware for the valve is custom formed from .090 inch thick aluminum plate. and 2- 1 1/2" "U" clamps.

Because the mounting of this valve is such a "custom" application for your
vehicle, I would not be comfortable trying to do the fabrication unless I had access to your car. But I would be happy to try to answer any questions you my have. Thanks
on my car the coolant hoses are 1 1/4.
i have found this DN32 G1 1 4" BSPP Female 3 WAY T Port 304 Stainless Steel Ball Valve Water OIL | eBay

sorry for the thecnical question.
do you think that the valve can travel between the 2 positions in the picture with 3 inch of throw? because with the way i will be placing the valve
in my car this is the 2 positions i will need

but i cant find a barbed hose fitting that is 1 1/4 do you have a link where i can find them?
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