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Talking How much faster will Teslas get?

With todayís announcement that Tesla Motors is rolling out a yet-faster sedan, it becomes the third-quickest production sedan in the world. Thatís after the Porsche 918 Spyder ($847,000) and the LaFerrari ($1.4 million) Ė both of which are dedicated coupes, whereas the Tesla is a large, 4-door luxury sedan which starts at $135,000. Incredible! If it wasnít already clear that electric vehicles are the future, this should do it for you.

But Iím pondering: how much faster could a Tesla be? This heavy sedan does 0-60 in 2.5s and itís made from aluminum. I would imagine that an updated roadster, seating two and made from carbon fiber, will be able to break two seconds.

And that leads to my next question: will Tesla detune its cars to protect their fragile drivers? In other words, when Teslas start pulling several Gís, will Elon Musk have to limit his carsí acceleration to avoid snapping the human neck? Nah, I donít think itís in his nature to do something like that.

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