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Well, I guess I have range anxiety! I think I can make it safely and reliably to and from work with an EV, but not to my cabin after work .. a trip that I average every second weekend.

I have a high-way only commute that is 50 km (30 miles) one way, and I have been told that there is an opportunity to charge at work. It gets cold here (-40F), so the battery pack will need a heater if I am to drive it 4 seasons, like a real car.

I am building/converting an old Mazda MX6 and it looks like the curb weight is going to be 2700 lbs. So estimate around 270 watt-hours per mile .. if I am lucky. My Renault Fluenza pack (same chemistry as the original nissan leaf) is about 22 kw-h ... 81 miles, 130 km. Drop that to 65 miles and 105 km with a safety factor for head winds, rain, temperature, defogging windows, etc. Drop it further if I want my battery pack to last .. so I charge up to 80% and try to keep above 20% SOC ... That makes the practical range 52 miles or 83 km. MORE than enough to get TO work, but I NEED to charge before I come back HOME.

My trip to work and back is OK. But on Friday, when I get home from work and want to drive up to the cabin, 150 km away, the Mazda won't do it. So I will need to switch to a Dino burner for the weekend.

That's where I am .. not NOW, but in the hopefully near future .. until I can afford a Tesla (um, not really) or get an LG Bolt .. er .. Chevy Bolt .. which is sort of like a unicorn for me. I may hear about it and see pictures, but it may as well be mythical. I guess the Tesla Model 3 is sort of like that, too.
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