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Originally Posted by SDMCF View Post
The whole point of the article is that there are many people for whom existing vehicles have sufficient range.
And the point of many of our objections is that these scientists (or the reporters) seem to be blindly assuming that an average daily travel of 70 miles or less means that a 70 mile range is sufficient. But it's easy to show that this isn't always, or perhaps even usually, the case. For example, my approximate driving in the last week (which is pretty typical):
  • *W - 0
    *T - 75 miles to lake
    *F - 5 miles to other lake
    *S - 25 miles to trailhead
    *S - 130 miles to friends' place
    *M - 0
    *T - 75 miles to lake

So less than 45 miles per day on average, but half of the trips exceed the 70 mile range.
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