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I don't have range anxiety, only financial anxiety. Why should I sacrifice range if the vehicle doesn't deliver the miles per dollar I can get in a conventional vehicle?

There are dozens of ways to get around occasional trips beyond the single charge range of an EV, but why should anyone be bothered with them if the vehicle doesn't have a substantial financial advantage over driving a conventional car?

The average household has 1.9 vehicles in the US. That means that many households have 2 or more, and could easily accommodate at least 1 EV. Again, it's pointless to the average person unless there is a significant financial advantage.

I have no doubt the cost to produce EVs will fall well below the cost to produce an internal combustion vehicle because it's a much simpler design. We've just had many more years to cut the cost of ICE vehicles and leverage economies of scale. Once EVs have some years behind it to increase volume and reduce production costs, people will be much less willing to fork over absurd amounts of money on a transportation appliance and will chose EV over ICE.
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