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We have driven our 2 EV's more than 45,000 miles, and we have never been stranded without a charge. We still have the Scion xD, and my son has been driving that a lot, because he has been commuting ~80 miles round trip (and that is more than our leases can support per day). I have driven our gas car 4 times in the last ~2 years.

I have found that as you drive an EV, you learn how far you can go, and the estimated range is very accurate, especially in warmer weather. As the weather gets colder, your expectations are gradually adjusted.

My spouse has anxiety about range, and so when I would be comfortable letting it go - we just plug in and charge, even if we don't really "need" too.

The caveat with driving an EV on longer trips - is you have to take the slower speed route, which can be a shorter distance, as well. And if you use quick charging, it adds ~30-60 minutes to getting where you are going, and on the return trip.

Sincerely, Neil
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