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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
For me a Volt would be the perfect temptation device, but when I test drove it I hated 4 person capacity and less cargo space than I anticipated. I know the new Volt seats 5, but why not the first?
Why should a car have to seat 5 people? Why's that the magic number, and not 6, 8, 10...?

Seems obvious to me that if the car seats fewer people, it can be made smaller/lighter, and thus will have better fuel economy/battery range. If you look around you on the highways, you'll see few cars with more than one person in them, almost none with more than two. So, just as with the argument that a 70 mile range is sufficient for most trips, so would a 2-seater be sufficient.

For myself, if I were to buy a Volt, I'd likely take the rear seats out to create more cargo space.
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