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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Why should a car have to seat 5 people? Why's that the magic number, and not 6, 8, 10

For myself, if I were to buy a Volt, I'd likely take the rear seats out to create more cargo space.

My relatives would only own old 3 row station wagons for a car and many times would fill all 9 positions.

Most 5 seat cars really are 4.5 seat and most adults won't sit in the rear.

At 6'3" I've never been bothered by too little space, just have to sit funny.

Having a volt, I can say that I've made 3 of the 4 seats useless so I could fit more cargo.

I've never need seating for 5, if so I have a mostly idle truck that fits 6

Silly argument
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