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I got myself a 2002 Honda civic LX coupe, 4 speed automatic. Purchased about the start of August 2016 from another individual, I am the third owner. This car currently has about 202,000 miles on it. The engine was swapped at about 183,000 for a motor (D17A1) that came from a 2003 civic, it already had about 20,000 miles on it, about 40,000 miles on the new motor total.

Note: the 2003 motor has an EGR system where the 2002 one did not. My 2002 wiring harness and ecu can't work with the EGR system. Any ideas what I should do there?

Maintenance already done: replaced air intake filter and cabin air filter, replaced sparkplugs, replaced bad fuse for interior ACC plug, filled the dry power steering resivouir, oil change to 5w-20 super tech oil, added seafoam to crankcase and fuel tank, transmission fluid change to Honda atf-dw1, took it to the dealer for safety recalls.

Maintenance to be done: replace fuel filter, full coolant flush, replace thermostat, oil&oil filer change to 0w-20 mobil1 oil w/ mobil1 filter, finish the change to atf-dw1. Any suggestions?

Mods already done: partial under tray (extends to just behind the front wheels), (estimated) 90% grill Block, basjoosed all the front end gaps around the hood and headlights, installed ultragague.

Mods to be done: custom aero bumper similar to this one:,
Short ram air intake, moon eyes, side mirror delete, PS delete, extend the under tray all the way back, lowering springs, LRR tires, ?cat back exhaust?(depends on what the short ram intake does). Again, any suggestions?

Will post pics tomorrow. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

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