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Dont have much for local friends or friendly neighbors. But my coworkers have really been taking a look at it, mainly since I put the wheel covers on the other day. One guy might try some aeromods on his Stratus. He was given an old Stratus, so he sold his Alero, because the Stratus gets quite a bit better mpg he says. Ive worked with these people for 9 1/2 years so these people know Im not out to make my car look flashy just for looks, so they ask about what Im really doing and I tell them about aeromodding and all.

The kammback has been something I have been thinking of since I first joined here, but still thinking of how to do it. Plus Ive got other things going on too. Im thinking Id want to hinge the back of it and latch the front, so I can flip it back and still easily have full use of my trunk. I may go with some sort of clear heavy plastic like a a convertible window uses, over a metal frame, rather than spend $70 for a piece of lexan or plexi. Ive also thought about noses and tails since my car actually has steel bumpers with holes to attach things. A handful of Celebritys got a VR package which is mainly a body cladding package, so the holes are there to attach all that.

Yeah, I know, the mudflaps. I know they could help if they were gone, but they really do keep the finish from getting dinged up by stones, and contributing to rust, compared to my other rides that dont have them. I dunno, I might take them off just to see once. The boss was quite interested in the aeromods, as well as the mpguino I was setting up on lunchtime today.

It seems that I am doing better since the wheel covers. Tomorrow will tell when I get gas, but I am at 425 miles on the tank and still at a level where I dont feel I will run out on the way to work. 400 used to be really pushing it for driving around here. Then theres Sunday when Ill go 300 more miles. 35 mpg highway was my goal but since I blew past that without expecting it, 40 highway will be my goal now. Only sad part is that winter is coming after not a whole lot longer and Ill be putting it away and taking out the wagon which gets 4 mpg less than the Celebrity.

Edit: Got the mpgguino in a decent looking enclosure and functional. Now I should really start rockin on mileage, no more guessing. Heres a pic:
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