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Originally Posted by 19bonestock88 View Post
So, in laymans terms, sand? Silt? Powdered clay?
My introduction to it was with swimming pool water filtration in California.If we swam,we had to maintain to pool.
There is also a food grade diatomaceous earth (eaten for Calcium ).
It's finer than sand.It is very silty! Powdered clay might clump together,where the diatoms would just blow away.
It's available at pool supply and ACE Hardwares if you wanted to try it.
Hardwood fireplace ashes are great too!
Also,MIT's solar team took carbon black and kerosene and painted their racers with it to observe boundary layer airflow.(the original Corvette Sting Ray was analyzed this way at Cal Tech).

If the flour cakes together after sifting you'll have options.
Have fun!
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