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Thank you dcb. You wouldnt believe how many times I checked, and still, sure enough, I had the VSS and INJ wires backwards. I switched them and now the data seems to make much more sense. First off it shows zilch for speed, or distance or mpg. That would explain my hunch with the VSS signal. Tomorrow Ill bridge the cruise wires to keep it turned on and see if I get the signal. Accessing the speedo wire will require taking half the dash apart. I went down the road and back about 1/2 mile total. It showed the amount of time the injectors were open and that I used 0.03 gallons which seems like a good start for now.

Edit: I readjusted the microseconds/gal variable back to the 240,000,000 (based on 6 injectors per pulse) and though I dont have a distance reading yet, now the gallons reading seems to be pretty close based on my drive to work after getting gas. .50 gallons used over 16.0 miles in the rain. Perhaps both banks of injectors fire with each pulse even though they are on separate circuits.

Edit: I checked this morning and the buttons do work now after the ignition is turned off. But the display still wont time out even after 1.5 hrs, so I unplugged it and brought it in. Timeout variable is set to the default 420,000,000 microseconds.

But this thing seems to be off to a good start. Your work is amazing, thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Yep thats a pre-made Arduino board under there. Plastic between them to keep them insulated. When in the car, I keep the arduino and display wrapped separately, and all 3 rubberbanded together. Cant wait to make an enclosure.

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