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Yep its carbed! Drove it home today and it had high idle 2000RPM! I took it apart and started looking around the 100 vacuum lines running everywhere! I counldnt find a vacuum hose diagram on the net... then I saw one on the under side of the hood covered in paint... I felt like Indiana jones uncovering a sacred text as i was scraping the paint off the sticker ever so gently not wanting to damage the precious image. Lol well got the paint off found the issue of a vacuum leak (of corse). got some new vacuum tube on and turned down the idle and I think we are good to go now. :thumb up: but I'm not crossing my fingers on it. Its got a exhaust leak (the muffler has been chewed up a bit) A couple chewed wires from a rat. The driver side mirror missing some bolts and one of the mounting holes is broken up. trip odometer not working. horn not working. Alinement is real jacked up on driver side (inside of tire is bad bald) BUT! beyond that it looks pretty ok compared to 95% of older CRX's out there that were thrown to uncaring/ruthless high school kids to be torn apart and abused beyond belief.
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