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Great advice

I'm a loser for not getting back sooner. I think I'm gonna get after my car's aero stuff pretty soon. I plan to start with the grill block/airdam project...

Here's what I want to do to my 6th Gen. 98-02 Accord...

Guys (girls too) let me know if this sounds right:

1. I want to block the "unnecessary" cut outs in my front air dam, including the unused fog light area...

2. I want to partially cover everything underneath the car from the air dam back to the front axles.

3. I plan to extend the underbody paneling back as much as possible to make it flush with the bumper, but still leave room for the exhaust components to vent their heat...

4. Rear wheel Fairings... Flat Wheel covers (like hubcaps)...

How's that sound?
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