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Originally Posted by darcane View Post
At 285hp for the 4.8L vs 295hp for the 5.3L, I was fine with the smaller engine. They are pretty close in performance, with a slight edge in power for the 5.3 and economy for the 4.8. In spite of the high gears, it tows our 4500+ lb travel trailer just fine.

I'm probably mistaken on the cooler then. Neither my old Silverado nor the Tahoe have the other cooler you are referring to behind the emblem and neither have tranny temp sensors. As long as you are monitoring the temps, you should be fine.

From memory, both my Silverado and Tahoe have the slots completely open, with flaps behind it that deflect air towards the radiator. I'll double check on the Tahoe tonight.

I understand not wanting to alter the looks. My wife tolerates it on my Civic but will raise hell if I touch her Tahoe.
My gauge cluster does not have a trans temp gauge on it either. I use Torque for that. Both of your vehicles do have trans temp sensors from the factory, the computer will change shift patterns based on temp as you warm up the vehicle. You just need to be able to access them and monitor them.

My vehicle has the tow package as well so I have the trans/powersteering cooler. If yours doesn't have the aux cooler directly behind the emblem your trans cooler is simply part of the radiator, as is standard on these trucks.

The only thing I wanted different on mine is 2WD vs AWD. I would easily be averageing 17.5 to 18.5 per tank instead of struggleing to get 17.5.

Once winter hits and I put my grill block back on and do the belly pan I should be hitting 18 per tank... hopefully.


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