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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
I'm considering a few options with these.

1) 4x HX rims for my winter tires.

2) 2x HX rims in the front for both winter and summer tires, arguably improves aesthetic but there's a slight aero penalty. Rear wheels can't be seen due to spats.

3) 2x HX rims in the rear for both winter and summer tires. The rears are covered by spats so there's little to no aero penalty, and they're lighter than the factory wheels by a hair.

EDIT: I'm considering repainting them black. I'd like a second opinion though.
How about a 4th option? Run all 4 but with a set of inner shields like they sell for keeping your wheels clean from brake dust. Either aftermarket or diy.

If I had nice wheels, that's what I would do. You get a mix of style and aerodynamic benefit.
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