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Originally Posted by Andrewhans View Post
I think the AWD is costing me a lot but I have no way to confirm it. I can't remove the front shafts because the transfer case has a viscous coupling with a 40/60 split to it. Without the front connected the transfer case would burn up within a mile or two. I have seriously thought about buying a used 4x4 transfer case, installing it and just making it stay in 2wd.

5.3 engine, 3.73 front and rear, 275/55/20 tires. The wheels are 20x9's which is a factory tire/wheel combo on newer GMC Sierra's.
You can safely drop to 255/60R20s, without them looking stretched.
Transfer case would help, but it would still be always spinning the front shafts and front diff / gears, plus a proper transfer case gives you low range, but has no differential. If you are going off road, the low range will help on descents, and stick with 275/55s.
If you can, do the transfer case and pull the front shafts, that should get you equal to a 2wd.
If you do the tc, go ahead and upgrade to a NP241C, with a new chain and new seals, plus new synthetic lube. Then you'll never have to give it another thought.
Your tires are taller than i assumed, so the 3.73s may be about ideal.
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