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Originally Posted by wehzeh View Post
It's almost a resolver but not quite:

That's an example of the one built in to my motor (DLC-28 e.g. Motenergy ME1302). It only takes V_dd, GND, and Shied (always optional, amirite?) and outputs 2 lines: sinusoids offset by 90 degrees with an aplitude of 3/5*V_dd.

In theory, it should be as simple as probing the pins with an ADC read (they output analog voltage) and doing some reverse trig to see where we are. It's a good middle ground in the whole encoder/resolver thing--the tight resolution of a resolver with some of the simplicity of an encoder.

I'm finding you can compute the instantaneous position but it is a hell of a challenge to be precise with no lag.

I'm thinking you need to incorporate motor expected inertial max/min change.

Losing wind in my sail.

Let me know how it goes.
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