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Alright, so we JB welded the outside gear onto the crankshaft (that was what had stopped working because there was a wrong-sized key or something like that, not sure) and have put it back together...only problem now is that the pulley which holds the alternator belt is kind of wobbly. Not sure if the gear at the bottom isn't on straight or if the pulley somehwere along the way got warped. Anyway, other than that it runs pretty nicely, sounds good and everything, but might have to tinker around with the timing a little still.

Once this thing is for sure running properly, I'll worry a little more about other ecomods. The fact that it's JB welded together makes me a little hesitant to put too much work into it though. (Maybe if it's not in the engine department)

If I were to get an engine rebuilt for this thing, would there be anything I could change "while I'm at it" in order to make it better on gas afterwards?

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