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Question Insurance, legality and your modifications

I have lurked in these forums for quite a while and have made a few interesting observations. I would like to hear other member's points of view on them.

One example is using space saver wheels with tyres that are not designed to be installed on them. This would severely affect the handling and braking capabilities of the vehicle. How does the law look on this in the US? In Australia I opwould expect my vehicle to be put off the road immediately, and any insurance would be void.

Similarly with removing interior parts that are intended to protect the occupants in the event of a collision. I understand that we can all drive conservatively and safely, but there will always be factors outside our control that can cause a collision or require abrupt evasive maneuvering to avoid one. I wonder if some of the approaches taken to achieve reduced fuel consumption have considered this?

Am I being overly cautious, or do others not consider the big picture when modding their vehicles?

I welcome a wholesome discussion on this and ask that we all respectfully express our views.


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