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Doesn't it concern you that you may injure or kill a pedestrian because you modded the car to save a few drops of fuel?
Accidents tend to be caused by a chain of unfortunate events. Most likely the mod would be a link in a chain. Best to meditate and clear your karma before you take the wheel. Just in case.

I've seen other discussion by residents of your fair land, that seemed to indicate the law prescribes the [vertical] gap between the tire and fender. No stance for you!

Insurance and legality vary by location. In this locale, there's no testing for emissions unless you're in the Potland, OR metro area. But like everywhere the law is an @ss — you're required to have a windshield wiper but you're not required to have a windshield. Here's what cars look like around here:

Frank Lee -- That's sweet. Teeth from a harrow?

I know where there's a 1958 GMC COE parked in a fence row. Slammed to the ground, with a 1957 Cadillac front bumper —and those teeth— would be awesome. There may be a harrow in that fence row, it was an old I-H dealer that burnt down.
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