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So let’s replay your scenario using a non-ecomodder drivers:

Scenerio: Pedestrian walks out in front of a car because that person is irresponsible.

Result 1: Non-ecomodder driver is texting and driving, doesn’t brake at all.

Result 2: Or perhaps the driver isn’t texting, but is significantly exceeding the posted speed limit because that person’s kids are late to karate. Slams the brakes sooner, but was going so much faster they still hit the person just as hard.

Result 3: Or maybe they weren’t even speeding much, but as with 90+% of drivers have never checked their tire pressures and the tire pressure was to low for optimal braking which increased braking distance. Plus that person bought cheapo tires that aren’t good at anything, which greatly increases braking distance.

I could go on and on. Somehow I think these scenerios are much more realistic to occur. At the end of the day though, people shouldn’t walk out in front of traffic.

I am really glad you can afford two Lexus. Per the website, a CT 200h with the minimum options to get active collision avoidance is $40,450 USD. So I can get one for me and my wife for $80,900. That might be a bit out of my budget. But to be realistic, you would want to get the F-Sport suspension and sway bars, because anyone who really cared about safety would want be make sure the car had the best handling possible.

To add some perspective, let’s play a new scenario. Let’s say you are about to get into an unavoidable accident/collision because you are boxed in on all sides on the highway and are about to get plowed into by a loaded tractor trailer who can’t stop from behind. Happens all the time. You are a sitting duck! Would you rather be sitting in your CT200h or my old towing truck, which just happens to be a 2001 Chevy 2500HD Extended Cab 4x4/496/Allison sitting on a real one ton truck frame which weighs 7,000lbs empty and happens to have a 6.5’ crumple zone (known as the bed). Which would you rather be sitting in? I get a big discount on the insurance of that monstrosity because it is one of the “safest” vehicles on the road from the insurance company’s perspective. Should people trade in their 50+ MPG Hondas to drive 12 MPG one ton trucks for safety? Where does it end?

I don’t know about others on this site, but I have personally avoided a fairly large number of collisions by paying attention. I don’t think any of the people I was avoiding were ecomodders either.
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