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I should have mentioned, the reason for starting with the 2.2 rather than the 2.0 diesel is the 2.2 has a 6 speed box rather than the 2.0 5 speed. 5th gear in each car is almost the same, and so 6th does help with economy. I did consider starting with a 2.0 and putting the 6 speed box in it, which would give better economy, but this came 2.2 came up at a good price so here we are.

I have blanked off the front grill already, I just shaped a thin bit of aluminium to fit the grill at the back, not totally air tight but it's all I had to hand. What materials do other people use to blank off a grill? Do you go for a perfect air tight fit?

The car has an engine under tray as standard, and after that the under side of the car is relatively flat, until you get to the axle, so I'm not totally convinced that a bigger undertray will do much.

As I do some driving in the uk and some in Europe, (some driving on the right and some on the left side) sadly I don't think removing a mirror is a viable option.

Tire spats are something I've not thought about though, any tips on designing and making them?
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