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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
As for tire grip; the sideways grip seems to improve with high pressure due to less deformation. High tire pressure may help avoid danger, even if braking distance suffers (which I doubt, actually).

One thing that goes beyond doubt is that both braking and handling improve when you get top tier tires.
All cars and bikes I bought secondhand had cheap tires on them, all of them improved dramatically when fitted with the right stuff.
I air up my tires (moderately, even) with a clear conscience.
RedDevil, agreed totally and there is a happy medium that delivers improved economy, better handling and also reduced braking distances. I do not believe that it is 25% in excess of the maximum sidewall pressure...

I also run my tyres at an increased pressure, generally about 20-25% above the manufacturer's recommended. I also run a tyre pressure monitoring system to alert me of a puncture and to optimise economy. These can be bought aftermarket for around $80 and will more than pay for themselves if you avoid one puncture being run flat at highway speed.

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