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Nice to see another English person, welcomes.

Originally Posted by Andrewbg86 View Post

The car also has a hydrogen fuel cell, I've not seen anything about them on here yet
There are a number of posts about these in the unicorn coral.

You might want to reconsider the air intake as some diesels prefer lower temps. The idea of the warm air is to encourage petrol cars into lean burn mode.

Originally Posted by Andrewbg86 View Post
As I do some driving in the uk and some in Europe, (some driving on the right and some on the left side) sadly I don't think removing a mirror is a viable option.
The road regulations differ quite alot between Europe and the USA, so some mods that are mentioned on this site aren't legal within Europe, if memory serves me correctly (and it is going back a few years) you must have the drivers mirror and one other mirror, but if you are driving on the right side of the road you will certainly have more benefit of the mirror as apposed to the small fuel saving.

What state is the engine in ? I have had good MPG gains by doing a decent service and using a decent injector cleaner.
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