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Originally Posted by vtec-e View Post

105,000km at 44psi. Actually i only went up from 44 to 50psi a month ago.
No uneven wear and hit the odd pothole too. No tire damage. So, as far as i'm concerned, the only argument left here is braking distance. Does anyone here have datalogging equipment? Microwave ground speed sensors? Thats what we need to finish this argument off. Personally i've braked hard at 50psi and noticed no difference, wet or dry. But personal feeling doesn't count does it!! Later lads.

Great pic, Ollie!
Those "wear in the middle with anything over sidewall recommended P." people just can't see for looking. There is a (steel?) belt in todays radial wraps around the circumference of the carcass, very much like a tank tread. Higher P. won't bulge through this belt. Bias plies, yes ; radial plies, no. Bias ply tires are gone (except for some trailers and specialty tires).Good riddance!
There has not been a word about "tread squirm" on these posts. This "squirm" is the wear mechanism for the tire tread; as the tread squirms it acts like a pencil eraser...wearing away against the pavement and heating the tread.. IMSA race cars had their street tire ( rules) treads ground half-way reduce this additional mass from pulling the tire apart at speed and to give the tire better lateral response.
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