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The value of a teardrop trailer lies in the extra protection against wildlife and hail, that it offers compared to a tent.
Front wheel drive vehicles should never tow anything, so if you must use a minivan, the Astro / Safari is worth a look, even though they have been out of production since 06. I daily an 03 AWD version myself.
Hitch height is mostly about keeping the trailer level or very slightly nose down while cruising the interstate, and the tow vehicle should never be tail down. That's where the load distributing hitch comes in. But misusing it can result in tweaking the rear chassis of the tow vehicle. That's what air shocks are for. If after all that you still can't get everything level, then you need to change tow vehicles. Assuming you already balanced the load properly on the trailer.
With a bumper hitch, you only need 10% of the total trailer weight on the hitch. With a Gooseneck it is commonly closer to 35%.
And i have had occasion to laugh my booty off, more than once, watching someone pop their back window, then crunch the cab of their pickup, from trying to Gooseneck or 5th wheel with a shortbed. Get the 8-footer, that's the whole entire point of a fullsize anyway. The hitch center should be 4-6" forward of the rear axle centerline.
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